The Japanese Secret to Long and Healthy Living

The Japanese Secret to Long and Healthy Living

When you were young, did you have a grandmother or other motherly figure that made you drink vinegar when you were sick?

It might have been gross, but your grandma was on to something. There is solid scientific evidence that drinking vinegar can help you live longer and healthier, dating all the way back to ancient Japanese society.

japanese secret to healthy living

The practice of drinking vinegar dates back to 1200 BC; Japanese warriors believed the vinegar drink boosted their energy and helped keep them in good health, so they drank it regularly. The Romans continued this practice, figuring out that the vinegar also kills bacteria and germs in water or another beverage. But the true masters of drinking vinegar production are, and have always been, in Okinawa – the southernmost prefecture of Japan. It is often said that the Okinawan family tradition of special drinking vinegar recipes handed down within family over the centuries is why the residents of Okinawa live longer than most people.


Why is drinking vinegar so healthy, exactly?

Scientific research on the health benefits of drinking vinegar has mixed results. Personally, once I was introduced to drinking vinegar, I immediately noticed the benefits of settling sore stomachs, clearing my head, and giving me an energy boost. Researching the elixir more in-depth, I’ve learned that one of the keys to vinegar’s beneficial effects on the body is how it restores your body’s pH balance.

Our crappy diets, high-stress lifestyles, and lack of sleep are just a few factors that contribute to our body’s internal system being off – and pH is a sort of a “thermometer” of this imbalance. The fermentation process that makes vinegar creates a product that helps restore our pH to a normal level, which in turn helps all of our other systems start to get back on track.

Some other reported benefits of drinking vinegar:

  • more energy
  • stronger immune system
  • great looking, strong skin, nails, hair
  • lowered blood pressure and cholesterol

Easy does it; vinegar is hard on your teeth, and too much vinegar is too much of a good thing, don’t overdo it. 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar per day is plenty, best sipped before a meal to aid in digestion.