School mouse coin purse, drawings to share

School mouse coin purse, drawings to share

    Dawd for so long out of this little thing Ha!

    Intermittent cloth also posted for several days

    Design is Taiwanese writer SHINNIE design, I do two packages to a positive and negative package, I really do not trouble that


Approach is very simple two-pronged approach, package bottom teeth, mouth is to have three-dimensional, showing the appearance of bulging

Here in the mouth of the mouth is to fold into the relatively smooth look good

The edge of the zipper is hidden in, so it is a good zipper before lining the edge of possession of needle stitching good, so more refreshing it

Looks like the original drawings are relatively large, I painted a small number, A4 print on it 

The inside of the baby back small bag is too small, patch a little trouble, and patience is easy!